What Is In Home Care

Visiting Hearts Home When What Matters To You Is Quality Care

When What Matters To You Is Quality Care In Your Own Home

Our In Home Care Specialty provides non-medical home care to individuals who want to live as independently as possible in their own home. Home Care Help uses proven care techniques that encourage independence and personal freedom allowing our clients to live full lives regardless of life’s circumstances.

While we specialize in senior care, we also realize that there are times when adults of any age may require our services.

Benefits Of In Home Care

Provides a safe, comfortable and familiar alternative to institutionalized living

Reduces stress resulting from interrupted routines and changes in daily habits

Helps maintain a sense of dignity and control

Provides peace of mind for caring family and friends

Customized Plans For Short-Term Or Long-Term Care

Chronic Illnesses

Alzheimer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Macular Degeneration, Kidney and Liver disorders; Depression

Post Surgical Care

Hip & Knee Replacements, Heart Surgery, Cataract Removal, Back Surgery

Supportive Care

For those experiencing physical or cognitive limitations.

Post Cosmetic Surgery

When privacy and respect are what you desire most.

Vacation Care

Domestic & Global – We are there to provide care for your loved one when you are away on a well-deserved vacation.

Types Of Services Provided

Visiting Hearts Home Type Of Services Provided

Our In Home Care Specialty service is guaranteed to improve the quality of life and level of independence, and bring comfort to both those receiving care and the people that care about them. Because relationships are such a critical aspect of a successful plan, we take the time to match you with a Care Partner that best suits your needs. We are happy to accommodate your request to explore new Care Partners if the need arises.


Our services are available whenever you need them – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can count on us for an “immediate response” to addressing your needs during the moments that matter most.