Why Visiting Hearts Home Care

Visiting Hearts Home When What Matters To You Is Quality Care 2

When What Matters To You Is Quality Care In Your Own Home

Visiting Hearts Home Care is an innovator in providing services in a caring and professional manner. We have an exceptional history, spanning 10+years, of providing care to people in moments that matter most. It is our utmost priority to address every need in a timely manner; and, it is our goal, above all else, to give the level of support that enables our residents to have as much independence as possible with care and respect.

About Our Care Partners

While our Care Partners cannot replace the love and support of a person’s family, they provide helpful and necessary services needed to brighten the day, lighten the workload and ensure peace of mind. Because they play such a critical role in caring for those they serve it is important that they adhere to the highest standard of integrity.

We take the time to match you with a Care Partner that will be a trusted partner in your care. If for any reason you feel a change is required we will take the appropriate steps and provide a different Care Partner that better meets your needs.

Questions To Ask

How much care -giving experience does the company have?

10+ Years

Are employees insured & bonded?


Are your services only In Home?

We provide services wherever you are;  In Home, Hospital. Senior complex,  Health Care Facility

What is your Availability?

24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week

What about guidance regarding complex business issues?

Yes On Demand Concierge and Case  Management

Can I pick the service I want? What about the Care Partner?

Yes & Yes

Will I have access to a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse upon request?

Yes – through  our Case Management  Specialty Service