Hospital AfterCare™ at Home

Why Hospital AfterCare™ Can Be Crucial

Being discharged home from a hospital or facility can be complicated. Sometimes discharge orders and paperwork are unclear and adapting to being home is difficult. “Post hospital syndrome” is explained as someone who is tired, weak and has not eaten or slept well after a facility admission. This syndrome is real and presents itself over and over in adults, even more so in seniors. This temporary period of increased vulnerability is cause to numerous readmissions to the Emergency room or hospital, reasons varying from falls to an additional or different acute illness often related to the initial facility admission.

Flexible Options

Planning ahead can be crucial to success at home. Whether you have undergone a recent surgery, suffered an illness or have an upcoming procedure, Visiting Hearts can work to keep you safe at home. Many options exist including:

  • Intermittent short hour visits to assist with personal care, meals, errands, light housekeeping and pharmacy pick-ups
  • Longer hours when the need is greater to assist with walking, transfers, personal care and more

Transportation can also be a struggle to and from the hospital as well as errands, doctor appointments, discharge orders and shopping needs post discharge. Because recovery can be complicated, Visiting Hearts will work with you on an After Care plan that meets your needs and focuses on keeping you home and not needing to go back to the hospital.

With a team of committed professionals, part time or full time, it’s easier to maintain independence at home while working to recover!

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